Shawn Wilson

I started working in the food processing industry in 1990, worked for A.E. Staley/ Tate & Lyle which is a corn processing facility in Decatur, IL.  I have worked in the hospitality industry throughout my college years and after working for Tate & Lyle in 1993.  I started working for a major pest control early in 1994, providing pest control services as a technician.  I have held positions within the pest control industry; Technician, District Manager, Technical Support Manager.  I have provided a range of different types of pest control services from general pest control, termites, bird and fumigation.  I been providing fumigation services, technical advice and support for the fumigation industry for 22 years.

I am currently the Regional Manager of Cardinal Professional Products, whom supplies pest management products for agriculture, residential/structural, and food processing throughout the United States. Cardinal represents many different manufacturers such as Dow AgroSciences, Chemtura, Degesch America, Cytec Industries, MGK Co., Liphatech, Woodstream, 3M, Trece, and many more. We are distributors for Methyl Bromide, ECO2FUME®, VAPORPH3OS®, ProFume®, Vikane®, Phostoxin®, Fumitoxin®, DetiaPhos®, Cardinal Fogging Insecticides, MGK Brand Insecticides, 3M and Drager Safety Equipment (including respirators), Liphatech Rodenticides, and much more.

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