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Philip J. Hamman Termite Control Training School

The mission of the Philip J. Hamman Termite Control Training School is to produce an expert termite control specialist. The classes include lectures, field laboratories and practical training with current termite control and inspection equipment. The majority of the instructors have been licensed Termite Control Specialists in the state of Texas and understand both the business and the science of termite control.

All graduates of the school are listed on the Texas A&M University termite web site (http://termiteschool.tamu.edu). This list is accessible by citizens of the state and many use this list as a guide in selecting a Termite Control Specialist.

The cost is $325/person and a parking fee of $30. The classes are limited to 20 students per session to provide the best possible student-teacher ratio. One does not need to have a current Termite Category license to attend the school. Many of the students have used this school as their introduction to the termite control business. Upon completion of this class, the students will have the skills to fill out a WDI form, bid a job, and perform a treatment.

2022 Class Schedule


These classes are offered on an “as needed” basis, when there are at least 15 students who will be attending the class.  All sessions begin at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, and the school will conclude at approx. 3:00 pm on Thursday.  For information call (979) 845-5855.

Termite Biology & Control

A Correspondence Course Offered by Texas A & M University

This is a self-paced course that the student does on his or her own time. Assignments can be submitted via mail service. Course material includes a total of 18 chapters, and consists of lessons on termite identification and biology, the proper way to conduct inspections and treatments, safety procedures, both federal and Texas state laws governing insecticide use, and an extensive glossary and reference section.

This course was prepared exclusively for Texas pest control operators and provides a new and exciting training opportunity for anyone involved in the termite control industry. The cost of this correspondence course is $325 per student.

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