(subject to change without notice)

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017

3:00-5:00pm  Exhibitors set up

Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017

7:00 am–8:00 am   Exhibitors Setup

7:00am-5:00pm      Registration open

7:00am-7:45am      Friends of the Chair meet with Chair & Extension

8:00 am-5:00 pm    8 Hr Technician Training Course (Room 102) Larry Franke

10:15 am-5:00 pm  ACE Training (Room 108) (Bob Davis, & Mike Merchant)

(1 Pest; 1 Termite; 1 Gen. IPM; 1 Gen-other)

7:45a-8:00a           Welcome, Overview, and Friends of the Chair

                             David Ragsdale, Ed Vargo, Mr. Lewis Herron.


Clayton Wright Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Bill & Casey Clark Endowed Scholarship

Robert Jenkins, Sr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Clay Stroope Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Don E. and Joanne R. Stroope Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Alice Jean & George E. Novy Memorial Endowed Scholarship

C.R. Butler & W.J. Patrick Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Gib Witten Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Harry N. Howell, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Roger W. Meola Memorial Endowed Scholarship

8:00-9:00 a  Practical Safe Work Practices for Pest Control Operators

Damon Shodrock (Gen. Safety)        (OR counts as 1 AG General Safety Factors)

(Main Room)                                                                                              

9:00-10:00a  Structural Pest Control Laws and Regulations – What Commercial Businesses and Applicators Need to Know Allison Cuellar (Gen. Laws & Regs) 

(Main Room)                                                 (OR counts as 1 Ag Laws & Regs)

10:00-10:15a         Break in exhibit area (beverages provided)

10:15-5:00pm ACE Training- Bob Davis, Mike Merchant

(Room 108)

10:15-11:15p         Hot Topics in Urban Pest Control

(Main Room) Ed Vargo & Robert Puckett (Gen other)

 11:15-12:15p Weed Control in Turfgrass Mark Matocha (Weed)

(Main Room)                                       (OR counts as 1 AG Gen. Pest Features)

12:15-1:00p Lunch – –Texas Country Catering (CFS)

1:00-2:00p   What’s New in Bee Control? Janis Reed? (Pest)

(Main Room)                                        (OR counts as 1 AG Gen. Pest Features)

2:00-3:00p   IPM: What’s Wrong with this Picture? Roger Gold (Gen IPM)

(Main Room)                                       (OR counts as 1 AG IPM)

3:00-3:15p   Exhibitors’ Forum (Puckett)

3:15-3:30p   Break in Exhibitor area (beverages provided)

3:30-4:30p   Termite ID and Control Methods –David Saunders (Termite)

(Main Room)                    

4:30-6:00p   Tour of the Rollins Urban & Structural Entomology Facility —(Pest)

This will be led by staff, Dr. Ed Vargo, Dr. Robert Puckett, Dr. Janis Reed, Taylor Wade, Phillip Shults, and graduate students.

Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017: Tour of Rollins Urban Facility

Park in Lot 124

Directions to the Rollins Urban Facility (from the Brazos Center)

Physical location is bldg.1804 on F&B Rd

No vans will be available, so we ask you to PLEASE carpool!

  1. From the Brazos Center parking lot, turn left onto FM 1179/Briarcrest Drive.
  2. Go through the first traffic light, and cross over Hwy 6, then turn left at the second traffic light, heading south on the feeder road.
  3. Get onto Hwy 6 south (OR you can stay on the feeder road and skip to #5)
  4. Take the very next exit which is University Dr, and go to the light
  5. Turn right at the light onto University Dr., heading west.
  6. Stay on University Dr. for a few miles. (You will pass the Hilton on your right, then you will go through a major intersection of Texas Ave. & University Dr., then you will see the main campus of A&M on your left.)
  7. You will come to an overpass (which is both a RR and Wellborn Rd.)
  8. Immediately after you go under the overpass, you will come to a traffic light, and you will see Olson Blvd. to your left, and Agronomy Rd. on your right.
  9. Turn right onto Agronomy Rd. (heading north) and go past our old bldg., and go all the way down to the 4-way stop at the intersection of Agronomy & F&B Rd. Turn left at the 4-way stop and then right into PA 124.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

7:00-9:00a   Registration Open (pastries, fruit, coffee & juice provided)

8:00 am-noon ACE Training (cont’d from previous day) and testing- Bob Davis & (Room 108) Mike Merchant

8:00-9:00a   The science driving effective termite management: TAMU research (Main Room)          update Ed Vargo (Termite)                                                  

9:00-10:00a Common Pests of Trees and Shrubs-Molly Keck (L&O)

(Main Room)                                       (OR counts as 1 AG Gen. Pest Features)

9:00a-4:00p   Insect Identification Workshop – The Ultimate Challenge – Entomology Graduate Students (Pest) (Room 106)

Entomology Grad. Students (Phillip Shults, Taylor Wade, Andrew Davitt) (Pest)                                            (OR counts as 1 AG Gen. Pest Features)

10:00-10:35a  Exhibitor Forum (Puckett)

10:35-10:45a  Break in Exhibitor area (beverages provided)


Pick Your Time and Topic!


  1. Research Vignettes: Termites; Colony structure and fungal resistance of subterranean termites & Interactions of Texas subterranean termites in lab and field experiments (Main Room)-Carlos Aguero & Mark Janowiecki (Termite)
  2. Making the grade and staying compliant with TDA School IPM rules

(Middle Room)        Janet Hurley-(Gen. L&R)       

  1. Commodity Fumigation TodayShawn Wilson (CF)

(Room 102)    (OR counts as 1 AG Gen. Pesticide Factors)

11:45a-1:00p       Lunch-Texas Country Catering (BBQ)


  1. Research Vignettes: invasive ants Bryant McDowell & Jennifer Sweeney

(Main Room)    (Pest)                     (OR counts as 1 AG Gen. Pest Features)

Jennifer Sweeney: Fire ant behavior in the field: manipulating forager responses with bacterial compounds

Bryant McDowell: Tawny Crazy Ants in Texas.


  1. Managing Medically Important Insect Pests on School Grounds-Molly Keck

 (Middle Room).      (L&O)

  1. Structural FumigationBryan Springer (SF)

(Room 102)

2:00-2:15p Transfer break time


  1. Rat vs Mouse ControlDavid Saunders (Gen IPM)

(Main Room)                                       (OR counts as 1 AG IPM)

  1. Mosquitoes: perspectives on Integrated Mosquito Mgmt for PCO’s – Patrick Prather (Middle Room) (Pest) (OR counts as 1 AG IPM)
  2. Weed Control for SchoolsMark Matocha   (Weed)

(Room 102)                                                   (OR counts as 1 AG Gen. Pest Features)

3:15-3:30p  Break & transfer in Exhibitor area (beverages provided)

3:30-4:30p  –

  1. Moderate panel of experts: Wizzie Brown (Gen. IPM)

(Main Room) .

  1. Cockroach ID & Control Methods Phillip Shults: (Pest),

(Middle Room)

  1. Research Vignettes: AntsAndrew Davitt & Elly Espinoza (Pest)

(Room 102) The Bacteria of Fire Ant Colonies  The Tawny Crazy Ant (Nylanderia fulva) Behavior and Effects in the Southern United States  (OR counts as 1 AG Gen. Pest Features)

Friday, January 13, 2017 from 8:00am-12:00n

Hands on training and demonstrations. Pick one:

  1. Vector Control & Methods: at the Riverside campus Chapel. Led by Janis Reed, Patrick Prather, and Andy Sturgis, and Molly Keck (1 Gen. IPM, 1 Gen. Laws & Regs, & 2 Pest) (LIMIT first 30 people).  

(OR counts as AG ceu’s for IPM; Gen. Pest Features; Gen. Pesticide Factors; and Laws & Regs.)

  1. Termite Biology & Control, at Riverside campus at the IMS bldg. Led by Robert Puckett. (1 Gen IPM, 1 Gen. Laws & Regs, & 2 Termite)

(LIMIT first 30 people)

  1. Fumigation Short Course, at the Rollins Urban Facility. Led by Bryan Springer, Roger Gold, & Ed Vargo (4-hr fumigation short course).

(LIMIT first 30 people)












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