Robert W. Davis

Dr. Robert Davis (Dr. Bob) has a varied employment background. He began his work experience at his family’s junior department store as a stock clerk, janitor and then as a floor clerk, cashier and assistant manager. Other positions included: Fisheries Biologist, Pest Control Operator, Pest Control Technician, Extension Research Specialist, Graduate Research Assistant, Technical Director for ABC Pest & Lawn Services of Austin, TX and a Technical Field Representative for Aventis Environmental Sciences and Bayer Environmental Sciences. Bob is presently employed as a Technical Services Representative for BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions.

Bob received his educational degrees from the University of Nebraska (UNL). At UNL he received a Bachelors of Science degree in Natural Resources and his Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from UNL. He is a Board Certified Entomologist and is active in service to the Entomological Society of America. His graduate degree work was focused on testing and evaluating termite control materials and techniques. Bob has multiple publications in peer reviewed journals and has provided educational materials and articles through extension and professional magazine venues. He has provided many and varied educational and research presentations in our industry for over twenty-five years.


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