Jeff Tomberlin

Current Position: Associate Professor

Number of years with TAMU: 10 years with Texas A&M University: 4.5 Extension/Research in Stephenville, TX; 5.5 Teaching/Research in College Station, TX.

Highest Degree Attained: PhD

Dr. Tomberlin is one of 14 board certified forensic entomologists in North America. He co-founded the North American Forensic Entomology Conference and the North American Forensic Entomology Association of which he served as its first president. He is also only one of two non-pathologists to ever serve as the chair of the Pathology/Biology Section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Dr. Tomberlin played an important role in the development of the Forensic & Investigative Sciences program at Texas A&M University which has approximately 50% annually since its inception in 2007. He has received four awards related to teaching since arriving on campus in 2007. He has been selected as the Outstanding Faculty Member for the Department of Entomology, and the Outstanding Faculty Member for the Forensic & Investigative Sciences program. He received the Student Led Award for Teaching Excellence.  And, as part of a team, he received the Telly Award for a DVD used to teach crime scene investigators proper techniques for collecting and shipping entomological evidence.  His research interest regarding decomposition ecology of vertebrate carrion have resulted in over 45 publications with two key 2011 publications in Trend in Ecology and Evolution and the Annual Review of Entomology resulting in a paradigm shift in the field of forensic entomology as related to determining the postmortem interval of human remains. Students from around the US and around the world have come to work with Dr. Tomberlin. During his brief career, he has graduated 7 MS and 6 PhD students. And, he currently has 2 MS and 6 PhD students in his laboratory.

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