Brian Forschler

Professor, Department of Entomology – University of Georgia

Brian T. Forschler has spent 22 years as Principal Investigator for the Household and Structural Entomology Research Program at the University of Georgia where the major research focus has been on subterranean termite biology and management.  He has taught courses on Urban Entomology and IPM at the undergraduate and graduate level for over 14 years and acted as major advisor for 11 post-doctoral associates, 5 PhD, 9 Masters and directed studies for 15 undergraduates in addition to sitting on 11 student advisory and/or reading committees.

Forschler is Chairperson for the Termiticide Scientific Review Panel formed in an MOU between USEPA, ASPCRO, NPMA and RISE, a member of the UNEP and FAO Termite Expert Group serving as spokesperson for the Reticultitermes Working Group as part of the UN POP’s treaty, a member of the ASPCRO Termiticide Label Review Committee, a member of the Georgia Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Commission, a member of the Kyoto University RISH advisory committee on wood destroying organisms, and has cooperative agreements with Madihol University in Bangkok, Thailand and the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources in Hanoi, Vietnam.  He also has organized numerous national and international symposia on termite biology and management is author of over 100 scientific and popular press articles on termites and other household and structural insect pests and has conducted training sessions for industry and regulatory officials in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

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